My first day as a blogger…

To be honest, I am not really sure as to how I came about creating a blog. Call me crazy, but I used to hate writing and my English lessons in school. I have always been more of a maths geek which singled me out from the rest of the girls my age. All the other girls I knew spent a lot of time going out and having fun, yet I would spend my time at home with my parents and siblings. For me, that has been the best thing to do, who knows what tomorrow might bring. And yes, I was and always will be that girl who always did her homework and never got in to any kind of trouble in or out of school! over time though, i have fallen in love. In love with writing. At first it started of as just writing small thoughts and sayings, but now I seemed to have moved up a level. Created this blog with the help of wordpress of course. But hopefully, one day, I want to write a book, have a few ideas already. So till then, enjoy my blog!


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