A day of happiness and sadness…

Today has and will be a day of mixed emotions, not just today but this day every year. First off, it’s my best friend’s birthday, Lin. We study together at uni and we spend most of our time together. She is currently on holiday to China so I’m missing her birthday celebrations, but that’s okay, because we can catch up as soon as she gets back. I wish you all the joy and happiness on this very special day, may the years bring many more joyous birthdays!! Happy birthday hun… xx

Also, this morning, I got the sad news of the death of someone I never got to say thank you to. This man was the most amazing individual in the community, he worked as a caretaker at the local mosque where I used to go study each evening Monday-Friday. He did his job of taking care of the mosque and everyone who attended the mosque not because he had to, not because he wanted the money, but because he loved doing it. Something not many of us are very good at. He’d be there at the mosque everyday, and he’d treat all of us as if we were his own family. Sadly, over the past couple of years, he became rather ill, and his life sadly came to an end this morning. I just wish I could’ve thanked him for all the hard work he put in to this community.. He’ll always be remembered for the great person he was. May his soul forever rest in peace.


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