Why are Women targeted for being… Women?

This is a question I have asked myself countless times, but I can never find a simple answer for it. The one thing I keep coming back to is “because women are women”.

I was always told stories of how girls were being treated unfairly hundreds of years ago, because they were girls. Girls in that time were seen as a burden upon the family, they were seen as a weakness and compared to the boys; they were treated in the worst possible manner. Many girls were buried alive, some were sold into slavery and others were just abandoned. Soon after, things changed in favour of the girls and they were no longer treated in a poor manner. Instead, they were treated as Princesses, and the woman of the house was considered the Queen of the household. Each girl and woman was treated with respect, the same respect the boys and men got. The same respect each and every person deserves.

I’m a Muslim, and Islam teaches us to respect each other in a polite manner, Islam teaches us that Heaven lies at the Mother’s feet. Women should be respected for being women, as it is the woman who carries her unborn child in her womb for nine months, and it is the woman who gives birth to that child and brings the child in to this world, and it is the woman who has been given the ability to feed the child milk. This huge responsibility of looking after the child has been given to the woman; it is a gift, which no man can take over. And it is not just Islam, which teaches us to treat women with respect. Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and all the other religions I haven’t mentioned. Not a single teaching from any religion shows women to be weak, instead it teaches to respect and honour women for whom they are.

Yet today, in the twenty-first century, the year 2013, women are being targeted for being just women. All over the world in different countries, each week, women are attacked; abused or assaulted, because they are considered to be weak. Men feel it is okay to go out; either on their own or as a group, and harass women. Just recently, a girl in India was gang-raped, and then beaten up, sadly she lost her life. This unfortunate event created an uproar from the people of India which led to protests all over the country, but as news spread all over the world, people were disgusted at such horrid behaviour and asked for some action against those at guilt. Though action has been taken, the girl’s parents can’t bring their daughter back. This event has changed their life, and no one deserves to be put through what they have been put through.

Such cases have been portrayed all over the media from all over the world. It seems as days go by, things seem to be getting worse. The women that are being targeted haven’t done anything wrong; women just want to be respected and they want their views to be heard. Is that too much to ask for? No one deserves to have their life ruined, and it is not just their life that is affected. She is someone’s daughter, maybe someone’s wife, someone’s friend, sister, or even a mother to children. As one life is ruined, so are many others that are linked to that life.

I am proud to be a young woman, but I am not proud to be living in such a cruel world.


2 thoughts on “Why are Women targeted for being… Women?

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