A Prayer for all our Parents

Just a couple of days ago, my Dad’s step-Mum suffered a stroke and was taken to hospital. One side of her face became paralyzed and she was unable to communicate or eat anything. Despite her being my Dad’s step-Mum, the relationship and the bond of love between her and my Dad has always been as equal as with my Dad’s Mum. As she lives in India and we live here, she cries whilst in hospital because she misses my Dad, she told others around her about the times my Dad sent her on the Pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia (Hajj) and also the times he called her over to England so she can see more of this world. She is just the most humble individual I know, someone who deserves so much better. Alhamdulillah, thankfully she has shown signs of improvement and is able to talk and eat, however, since last night, she has closed her eyes and is unable to open them. But is aware of the people present around her. I really want to go see her but because of certain circumstances, I am unable to go, but trying our best and praying that she pulls through so my Dad can hopefully make it back to see her. Inshallah.

So join me in this short prayer for all of our Parents, because without Parents, this world would feel empty…

Oh Lord, it is you who can answer our prayers and it is you whom we worship. For you are the Greatest and our Creator. Oh Lord, bless our Parents with joy and happiness in this world and the world in the hereafter. For it is they who brought us up and showed us the path in this life. It is they who cradled us with their love and took our pain away and made it their own. Oh Lord, give them no more pain; instead, bless them with good health and wealth so they may live their life in peace. Oh Lord, I ask you to take away the pain they suffer; as it is time I make their pain my own and give them my happiness. Oh Lord, each time tears fall out of a child’s eyes, it is the parents who feel the most pain, each time a child hurts themself, it is they who keep the child calm, so I ask you once again my Lord, give us children the strength and ability to do the same for them. Oh Lord, as a child I’m asking you to do what’s best for all of us. But Lord, I pray to you today, to ask for you to bless all of our Parents with your mercy as they did bring us up when we were young. Oh Lord, forgive them if they’ve done any wrong, and help our Parents and us children to fulfil each of our promises we make to friends and family. Oh Lord, I ask you once again to bless all of our parents with the most joy and happiness and to take away their pain. Oh Lord, accept and answer this prayer for our Parents. Ameen.


5 thoughts on “A Prayer for all our Parents

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