Marriage, it really is a beautiful thing isn’t it. Today, the 24th April 2013, it is my parents’ 30th Wedding Anniversary. These 30 years for them has been full of joy, happiness and togetherness. Yes, there have been a few ups and downs like every other marriage, but thankfully, Alhamdulillah, they have always shared that special bond of love, even though they don’t show it most of the time.

In these 30 years, they have turned a normal standard house in to a home full of love, and they have raised 5 wonderful children with that same love, (I’m the number 4 out of 5 children!), and in these 30 years they have stood by each other no matter what life has thrown at them. I am so proud to be the daughter of such wonderful parents! May life always treat them with kindness, happiness and togetherness, and may there never be any troubles and problems for either of them. Ameen.

Speaking of marriage, it’s my sister’s wedding soon, the 1st June 2013. My oldest sister is already married, she got married on the same day as the Royal Wedding a couple of years back, it’ll be her 2 years wedding anniversary at the end of this month. So my family have already experienced the wedding fever and stress, so you’d think we’d be taking things slowly without any panicking… trust me, I’m not sure about other weddings, but when there’s a wedding in the Indian household, it feels like the stress will never end; I guess it’s all worth the stress once the wedding is over.

But right now, I am starting to doubt my own words. I’m sure you’ve heard of a “Bridezilla”! Well, my sister seems to have turned in to one of those during this extremely stressful time leading up to her wedding day. Oh, don’t worry about her, she’s not stressed at all… but we are! She needs things tip top perfect, and if she asks you to do something and it’s not how she had imagined it, then prepare yourself, you’ll find yourself to be hanging on for your life. I guess it all comes with the wedding fever package hey!

But no matter what, I love both my sisters just how they are. Yes one is a quiet and calm person whereas the other could probably talk for this nation, they can both bite each other’s heads off and can be rather annoying at times, but I guess that is exactly how big sisters should be. I miss my oldest sister even though she lives just a 30-minute drive away, I used to share my bedroom with her but since she got married, my room feels empty. And now, after the 1st June, I shall be the only daughter in the house with two brothers. Even though I don’t like admitting it in front of my sister, I really will miss her a lot! Though, I do love spending my time watching F1, footy and cricket with the ever so amazing brothers, and trying out new food recipes and getting them to be my food critics, so much fun!!

However, as a child I’d never actually thought of how it’d be once my sisters get married. I had always just imagined us as being a family of 7, living our life like normal under this one roof. But now, slowly, one by one, each person is moving on with their own life. First from 7 to 6 and soon to just 5. I guess the plus side to that would be the fact that we’d all fit in one car now, don’t need to take 2 cars every time we go out as a family! Or of course if the sisters and brother-in-laws decide to join us then we’d actually be a family of 9! But it won’t ever be the same again will it? I mean, when we sit and have our dinner as a family, there’ll always be those 2 empty spaces.

We grew up too quick, and there were always those two same people there to watch us grow up. My Mum and Dad. Over the last 30 years, they have sacrificed their own needs to fulfil their children’s’ needs, to give their children a good healthy upbringing and to teach their children about the rights and wrongs of life. I love my family, and I really can’t imagine my life without them.

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary to the most wonderful Mum and Dad in the whole entire world! xxx


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