It’s the final countdown…

One week today, my sister will officially become a married woman! She will be taking her first step in starting her new life with her husband and his family. Something each and every girl dreams of from when she’s a little girl is getting married, she dreams about what her wedding day will be like, and wishes for a wedding fit for any princess!

Children and adults all come together to be part of such a beautiful celebration in a person’s life. Probably the most important event that each person dream of… You may or may not know this, but weddings in Indian households start from a week in advance! It’s absolutely amazing, as the friends and family spend time together and catching up on lost time. It’s probably the only time, where everyone can put their work aside and just relax and enjoy themselves!

I’ll truly miss my sister once she gets married on Saturday, she’ll be leaving this house as an unmarried woman for the last and final time on Saturday morning, and as she leaves the venue on Saturday evening, and says goodbye to all of us, she’ll be leaving as a married woman! A woman who’ll soon have a whole new set of responsibilities, today, she has herself to look after, but from Saturday, one more person will fall under her responsibility… her husband!

As her wedding day draws near, we’re all busy doing our final bit of preparations for the big day. Her Mehndi (Henna) day preps are all finally done, made the sweet jars for the Mehndi girls (Groom’s side) and now just the last bits and bobs to do on the day to make sure it’s all perfect just the way she likes it! And the preps for the wedding day feel like they’re never ending, but I guess it’ll all be worth the effort if it all plans out just right for the bride on the big day! Oh and the tent in the back garden goes up tomorrow, that is when it’ll feel like it’s the wedding week! Really exciting but heartfelt at the same time… we’re preparing for my sister’s big day for her to only leave this house on that very big day!

I hope this wedding goes really well, just how my sister wants it and just how she always dreamt of it!

May her life always be filled with joy and happiness and may her new life with her husband be better than she could’ve ever imagined! May all the married couples out there have a life full of love and togetherness without any worries and problems, and may all the single people out there find their partner of their dreams, who in turn makes all their dreams come true! Ameen… x


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