The Gift of Life…

Today, the start of my sister’s wedding week, started off with some sad news. Today, the woman I will always look up to, the woman I shall always remember with love, my Grandma in India sadly departed from this world.. She was the most amazing woman in this world, someone who always put others before her own self, someone who treated everyone with the same amount of love and respect despite how they treated her. She was a woman full of joy and laughter who never attempted to do anything wrong. I’ll always love her and remember her for the kind soul she was.. May her soul always rest in peace and may she be granted the heavens! Ameen…

When I received the news of my Grandma’s death, I wasn’t at home, a few girls from my family and I had gone with my sister to finish off some last few wedding preps.. But as we got the news, we decided to come home straight away. That journey home on a normal day has got to be my favourite journey home, the road weaves through the country side and just seems ever so peaceful. Today however, I saw that journey home from a whole new perspective.. I saw the one important thing which without this world would be non-existent.. From the grass to the trees, from the birds to us humans! The gift of life…

As we drove through the country roads, I saw the trees standing strong, but within which if you looked closely enough, you could see the trees that had been lifted from the ground by its roots by the strong winds, just there, flat on the ground. Where once there was life, there is no more. The fallen trees lay there lifeless, dull and grey.

It’s what we all take for granted really, no one ever really appreciates how much the four letter word actually means to us all. LIFE. That’s it. A four letter word. But a word which has the largest significance! When was the last time we just lived a day in our life appreciating each and every single thing and each and every person there is in our life? Most of you won’t remember…

Every day, every hour, every minute, someone and something loses their life. Most of us don’t think twice about the things we do, we act like we’re going to live forever, for an everlasting lifetime. But the truth is, life is just too short to take it for granted! Appreciate all you have, or else it’ll just be too late…


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