Change right before our eyes…

Change right before our eyes...

About 25 years ago, my father bought a Pentax camera so he could capture memories of his family and keep each photo as a memory, so he could show us when we were all grown up! From birthdays to weddings, my dad captured them all!
I decided to have a go at it to see if I was as talented as him in taking photos, trust me, I’m not even half as good as he was! It made me realise how much the world of photography has changed over the years. I mean, before digital which is what most of us use these days, cameras needed film reels, and it required a certain level of technique so each picture was captured to perfection!
As #technology changed, and digital cameras came out, it knocked these olden ones right off the market! Even I would prefer a digital one to the old ones… But technology didn’t stop there..
Today, you don’t even need a camera to take photos. A smartphone would do! iPhones, Samsung Galaxy or a HTC or whichever other mobile, it also allows us to use instagram or twitter or Facebook etc which then allows us to share our memories with everyone around us.. Just brilliance! Technology has created what would’ve seemed as “impossible” all those years ago.. And I guess the future yet holds more surprises!


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