“There’s no gre…

“There’s no greater villain than your tongue without the use of your mind… it causes a lot of problems within seconds!”

For this quote, I think I should give some credit to one of India’s finest musicians, Mr Vishal Dadlani, I actually came across one of Mr Dadlani’s tweets on twitter stating “No greater villain than the human mind…” When I thought about what he’d tweeted, I realised that he was correct but only partly, sure the human mind can be a great villain, but one major factor that links in to it has to be the use of the tongue. Your mind can think about a million and one things; the beautiful thoughts and even sometimes the not so beautiful thoughts. But it is when you say those not so beautiful thoughts out loud without the appropriate use of the mind where things may turn a little nasty.

Therefore, I decided on that day to reply to Mr Dadlani’s tweet using the above quote, and he seemed rather impressed. To be honest, I myself was rather impressed…


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