First day of the final year…

So it was my first day back at university today, the first day to start off the final year of my degree. It was great, I tried to stop myself from remembering the fact by the end of this final year I’ll have graduated. But other than that, seeing my friends after so long, catching up on lost time, and just being total hooligans is something I can never get enough of.

Of course there was the going to lecture and making notes like always, all the boring but necessary parts of university studies, but none of that matters if you’ve not got your friends around you. I have to admit, sometimes lectures do get rather boring and nearly put you to sleep, but on the plus side, having the worlds most craziest but sweetest friends keeps me motivated, it makes me want to sit throughout the lecture and learn.

As it was the first day today, the lecturers did go easy on us and kept things simple, but now I know that things need to get downright serious. No messing around, just head down harsh studying to make sure I get the result I am capable of getting. It’s going to be hard isn’t it? But one things certain, being at university is the best time of your whole entire life. There’s really nothing more satisfactory than being a student with a debt but having the best time of your life, yet coming out of university with a good strong degree… hopefully! 😛


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