Unite for Syria…

Last night, the 31st October 2013, a good friend of mine treated me to the best surprise on Earth; she took me to the Sounds Of Light Tour, which is a 12-city tour around the UK and Ireland, with singers Maher Zain (Sweden), Harris J (UK), Raef (America) and comedian Omar Regan (America) together with host Naeem Raza (UK). It was an amazing evening, an evening full of fun, laughter and the unity of the Bolton community.

Despite all the fun, we couldn’t forget the true reason as to why we were there, why so many people came together in one venue; students, families, the elderly, the young children and of course all these lovely artists. The unity of so many people at such a time could only be for one cause, for the innocent people of Syria. Millions of people have lost their homes, they’ve lost members of their families, and they’ve lost more or less everything a person needs to live.

Yet we’re here taking everything for granted. Like it’s absolutely nothing. During the event, we were told the story of a woman in Syria, a woman who lost her home in the bombings and now has to live under an olive tree, and it is this tree for which she has to pay rent for, and it is under this tree that she gave birth. A truly touching story that is hard to forget. But this is just one story out of a million, there are so many others who are going through hell, yet they’re patiently waiting for change to come. It is down to us to bring this change, it is our responsibility to take care of those who need help.

For more information on how you could participate in fundraising or how to donate for the people of Syria, visit the Human Appeal website on www.humanappeal.org.uk or call 0161 225 0225.

Let us stand together as one and raise awareness of the life-changing events taking place everyday affecting millions of lives. Let us unite for Syria…



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