Am I rich?

Well, when people normally say those words, the first things that come to mind is “wow, millionaire! Enough money to buy your dream car, dream house, dream holiday! Enough money to do anything in the world!” But if I’m completely honest with you, I don’t have the ability to do any of these things right now, apart from dream of it of course!

But what I do have is a house to live in, and in that house I have my family who love me, a family with whom I can cuddle up with on cold winter evenings and watch movies, that cuddle which warms me up for bedtime, the bedtime where I can lay in bed and dream of all those things. My house isn’t just a house, my house is a home! A home where I can wake up and go to sleep without a worry. A home where I have clean clothes to wear and good food on my plate three times a day. A home which is more than what thousands of people in this world only dream of…

There are people out there dreaming about good food on their plate even just once a day, about clothes to put on and cover themselves be it new or old. Many yearn to have that invaluable family time just once more, to have that shelter over their heads to keep them dry from the rain and to shade them from the hot sun. Their dream compared to mine holds a deeper meaning…

Sometimes it’s not money which gives you the true genuine happiness, most of the time, true happiness and that smile from the bottom of your heart cannot be bought by currency!

I am rich…


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