It’s only just beginning…

The end of a crazy year not just for me but for many of you out there! I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, there’s been plenty of laughter and nearly as many tears. But it’s a year that has created so many memories that I won’t ever forget.

This time last year, the nation and the world were celebrating the end of 2012 and the start of 2013! The start of 2013 for me was a crazy hectic time of the year, my sister had fixed her wedding date for the 1st June 2013 and wanted to go wedding shopping! The weather was terrifyingly freezing and she took us all the way to Birmingham to look for her perfect wedding day outfit! Ooh, the joy of walking around with frostbite in your hands and feet, and then entering a store be it just for a minute or two, and when that warmth touches your shivering skin, it feels divine!! We spent a whole day walking around in the cold, and just when we were about to give up and head back to our cars, there it was, that last and final store which held the perfect traditional Indian wedding dress my sister wanted. Her specification exactly, “red, not too red though, not bright, but not a deep red either, with some shine, but not too much shine, but not too little either, oh and with some gold embroidery, but everything’s silver, oh wait that’s gold, oh but that’s too much gold!” Hahahaha… Now you truthfully tell me how to help someone find THE perfect outfit when their list is so confusing! It’s really nearly impossible! More than the bride herself, I was relieved when we stood in the last and final store and she nodded and said “yes!”

After that it was just full on wedding preparations, with weekly bride dramas about wanting things perfectly her way leading right up to her big day!

Apart from the wedding, the year has been pretty weirdly normal! Well I mean, I was able to be my weird self for most of the year!!

University life has brought so much joy in to my life, don’t get me wrong, exams and assignments, they were definitely the exact opposite of what you may call joyful! But my friends at uni, I could not have asked for a better bunch of friends! Some say friends you make at university are the friends you keep for life, I now understand why…

One thing I’ll never forget about 2013, it’s the year I got chicken pox! Yes you read that right, I got chicken pox at the age of 19 during my May exams which was 3 weeks before my sister’s wedding! Lucky me not only had to deal with the chicken pox, I had to live with the fact that I missed two exams, and had to do them in August, during my summer break! Yay me!!

2013 has brought change for people all over the world. Some lives have been lost due to natural disasters and others have been ruined through war crime and terror on the streets! Let us not forget those whom have lost their lives and also their friends and families. If you’re reading this today then consider yourself lucky to have survived through yet another year. May the coming years bring happiness, health and wealth in to everyone’s life, and may there be world peace and unity. Ameen.

It’s the end of yet another year of our life!

Say hello to 2014, it’s only just beginning…


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