The reality of student life…

Us university students really do have it hard, which I am sure most other students will agree with though all those adults who are not students anymore and already have a well paid job will definitely disagree with. Here is why.

So, we start university, most students don’t even like the course they are doing but are still studying it for the sake of it. But I have to say, I was mega happy when I started university to study Finance and Accounting. Don’t laugh. I’m being truthful. I was a very sad little child you see, because my dream job was accounting, (stupid I know). I remember the other students in my class had out of this world ambitions, where one guy wanted to go out to space and live on the moon and then there was me, dreaming of being an accountant.

I seem to be going off on a tangent here, but the point I am trying to make here is that no matter what the media and the government say about unemployment, there is really no change in how hard it is for us students to get a job for after we graduate. Whilst we are at university, we are told to go out and look for work experience in a company to do with our field, and so we go out with our newly printed CVs and our pristine formal clothing… only to get rejected. “You don’t have any previous experience” they say. “We have no spaces open at the moment” they say. And before you know it, you’ve nearly finished your degree and extremely close to your graduation in the summer, to only then realise that it’s time you find a graduate job.

The never-ending nights of graduate job applications, the endless trips to graduate job fairs, the constant changes made to the CV. And what does this bring? Nothing but bad news. Straight up rejection!

Ok, maybe I am slightly over exaggerating the reality of the application process us students are put through. Yes, a lot of university students are successfully accepted on to brilliant graduate jobs offered by top notch companies across the UK. But for us students, who have been out and spent so much of their spare time to go out and get work experience, spent so much time filling in application forms and spent so many days going to job fairs, life seems unfair each time you are rejected. How words alone can give you a view on who a person is, is something I still fail to understand. I believe, as I know most others will believe, no individual can be judged by a page full of words.

That my friends is the reality of student life…


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