Wouldn’t call it the end…

Three years, just gone.. No warning, no time to prepare, just woke up on a Tuesday morning realising that I’ve lived through these three years with fun and laughter, joy and happiness and now it’s all over. And I have to say, these three years have been the most amazing three years of my life!

I have met the most amazing people and made the most amazing friends; friends I will never want to let go of, friends I know I can trust. It’s just how everyone said it’d be, “you make real-life true friends at university”.

My friends are the best. Started off university knowing just three people on my course. And then this happened… In the first year I met my two most loved friends, Lin who’s never left my side no matter what, and Saad the “cool dude” who is the most trusted and caring gentleman I have ever met! Along came second year and I met the cutest mother on earth, Tanzeela who has the cutest baby. And Anna my gorgeous crazy “off her head” friend. Oh and not to forget Meto who was named as “Twin” (of Saad) for a short period of time, (now that’s a long story!). And the craziest gal I’ve ever met, Zara! Then the third year was like the topping on the cake, Afsana who is the complete opposite of me, and Rohma who’s just who she wants to be, “lipstick addict” for sure! Along with them, a few others I met during the last few months at university of whom there are too many, so the list goes on. I am blessed.

Truth be told, I have never had this much fun in my whole entire life. If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ll know already that I’ve spent a lot of my life living in fear of people and trying to overcome hurdles, that’ll sound stupid if you don’t know much about me yet, but just trust me when I say “I have truly had one hell of an adventurous life”. When I say that, I don’t mean I’ve travelled to places and gone wild, I mean that life has done all it can to me and I survived.

Whereas university changed all of that for me, it changed the way I see life, it changed the way I see people around me and it changed the way I live my life with the people around me. Sure, I made mistakes, after all I’m only human, but if anyone else was in my shoes they would have probably done the same, because university life is like no other!

It feels like it’s all over, but I won’t let it be, I’m going to make this a new start to a new life with the people I love. I wouldn’t call it the end…


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