The most blessed time of the year…

Starting from today, Muslims from all over the world are starting their month of fasts, the month of Ramadhan. A lot of individuals who are not Muslims find this rather intriguing, as to how someone can live a day without food and water, but I guess most of it is from faith and self-belief!

This month brings it’s own feel of magic. We don’t get this feeling from anything else (for others look forward to a magical Christmas period, for Muslims it’s Ramadhan), it’s an absolute one of a kind! Staying up throughout the night, praying and worshipping God, early morning breakfast (or more like a midnight snack), which we call Sehr, a bit of rest, some more praying, food preparations and then the countdown to sunset for the time of breaking our fast (called Iftar). Almost sounds like a punishment if you’ve never experienced it yourself before, but trust me when I say, it’s the best time of the entire year!

Ramadhan in my household holds something even more special, which we don’t get to do throughout the rest of the year. Each year, on the days we fast, we prepare Arabian Coffee and Dates warmed through with crushed nuts for the men who gather at the mosque for Iftar. The coffee sends a beautiful subtle hint throughout the whole household which lights up your senses, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even drink coffee! Oh and the Dates, they’re the sweetest treat anyone could ever ask for after a day of fasting, tastes almost like honey but in fruit form!

Today is the first day of Ramadhan and here in England fasts will last from 2:30am until about 9:45pm (again it’s not as bad as it sounds). I shall try and keep you all updated as to what I will be getting up to during the rest of this month, the most blessed time of the year…


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