Skinny girl problems…

Ok. I get it. Most girls these days want to be skinny but with the right curves in the right places, and if a little bit of meat shows up where they don’t want it. Nooooooooo (hands on face in a dramatic manner), someone get the gym pass at the ready, trainers, tracksuit and don’t forget the sweatbands! Nice.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those skinny girls who doesn’t need to go to the gym, and no I don’t have the “curves” that most girls long for just because they see other people on posters and in magazines all over the world that have them! To me, I’m fine just the way I am. And before you ask, yes I do eat food, I love a good cheesy pizza with fries (which probably contains more oil than potato), and not to forget the chicken wings! I guess I’m luckier than most where I can eat what I want, when I want, without worrying about my weight, though unfortunately, it’ll probably catch up with me one day and I’ll most likely live to regret it!

So why do the other girls just not understand? I mean, ok I get it, you want to be skinny like me but with the curves too. But why? Do you seriously want to be labelled “that skinny girl” your whole life? Oh, actually wait, the funniest (but most annoying) is when people ask you how much you weigh, and before you can answer them they answer their own selves by saying “bet she weighs half of what I do”. They said it not me, you see, they’re just calling themselves fat, and I didn’t say a word!

Food. The times you go out with your friends and want to eat a burger. At first it’s all just fine, you take a seat, order your food, get your food and you start taking your first bite out of the biggest, juiciest, chicken burger you’ve seen in a while. Quarter of the way there. Yep, filling up the tummy fast, but still got room for some more. Half way there. Oh I’m full, but this burger is just too tasty. Couple more bites. Easy now, a few more and your tummy will soon throw a tantrum. So you place the remaining burger down on to your plate, having also of course had a good portion of chips and maybe even a garlic bread, you sit back and relax. “But Sam! You never finish your burger! Eat!! No wonder you don’t put any weight on!” You take a quick glance around you and notice you’re being told off by the friends, even though you’re most likely not the only person at the table who hasn’t finished their food. But yeah, it’s ok, just pick on the skinny girl why don’t you.

Shopping. Carrying the bags whilst shopping and then having to carry them home. Or even, a backpack with all of your university notes and books which you’ll need for the lectures you have to attend on that particular day. And then by accident, the skinny girl asks her friend, “would you like help carrying that?” Hey, the skinny girl is only trying to be polite, be nice back, and you always get a similar response of “hahaha!! LOL!! You make me laugh, your arms will break if I make you carry this!” Like seriously? The arms were just fine the last time I checked.

Clothes. As I’ve mentioned shopping already, shopping for clothes. Turns into a chore. First off, you can never find anything that fits you. The smallest adult size you find still seems a little too big, and the stuff that fits always seems either too ugly to wear or a little too expensive to buy (and sometimes even both). So you just give up and try your chance in the children’s section. Ha! No chance, way too small, but hey, hats off for giving it a go! Turn to the last resort, spend money on buying the things you like, (though it may not fit), go home and spend even more money on having it altered to make it fit you just right. So the money you could’ve spent on buying two dresses, ended up being spent on just one, which unfortunately is no longer in it’s original shape or form.

Jam-packed. Travelling in a jam-packed car. Every skinny girls nightmare. Having to sit in the middle. Why do people think it’s ok to sandwich a skinny girl between them in a tight, extremely overheated, sweaty, smelly car? Someone get the oxygen mask! It’s horrible, and should be considered a crime against all skinny people!

Trust me when I say this, being skinny is not the answer to everything. Yes I’m happy just the way I am, likewise, someone else with the curves is probably happy just the way they are. But society has created a standard where girls should be skinny to be accepted, but that’s absolute rubbish if you ask me. It doesn’t matter what size clothes a girl wears, or how much make up she owns or even what she eats and whether she goes to the gym. If a girl has happily accepted herself then why can’t everyone else? The few things I’ve written in this blog post has not been written to offend anyone, but to try and get a point across in a more entertaining manner, it should be each girl to her own, accepting life just the way it is. Besides, people (especially men) always have a habit of saying “it’s a girls personality that makes her beautiful”, so no need to go in to any extra effort where you’ll waste a lot of time and money. Just be yourself, not someone everyone else wants you to be!

This is just a small list out of the never-ending list of the skinny girl problems…


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