Life is exactly how it’s supposed to be…

I’m sorry I’ve been away this long, I guess I didn’t ever realise what the real working world is like. The delayed public transport which is an absolute nightmare when you have more than one to travel on, if one is delayed, the rest of the journey is in consequent a downwards domino spiral. The tight squeeze of dozens of passengers travelling to the same destination, oh how I feel sorry for sardines stuffed into a tiny can. It’s definitely an invasion of personal space, but trust me, on these commutes, there is no such thing as having your own little personal space. The power walks and short runs to the metro link stop, realising you’re just a bit too late, then having to do the same towards the bus stop, and then in all your glory, parking yourself in to a seat for the last leg of the journey, feeling all stuffy and in need of a good nights sleep. Oh but wait, you’re only just on your way to work, still got a good several hours to go until you’re anywhere near your bed! All of that of course interrupted and made worse by the never-ending road works and transport time changes. [sigh]. Give me a break!

Yes I know, all I’ve done is complain in this post, there’s a reason for that, you’ll find out the reason later so please do keep reading!

Truthfully, there are a few positives throughout my day. The sight of familiar faces on my commute to and from work, it’s kind of a way to catch up with the friends you thought you’d lost. The early morning banter, (sometimes it’s so lame that it’s actually really funny), and of course work itself. I actually enjoy going to work, the people are great, the daily tasks are a different challenge each day and I probably sound really sad and boring by saying that but it’s honestly brilliant! I guess when you’re working in a place you want to be, and know you can do well, everything just fits into place all by itself.

Now, of course, I’m on my Christmas and New Year break, my day seems a little out of place, there’s no early morning treks to the train station in the freezing cold, and no more of being stuck on a stuffy bus in a traffic jam. I guess when you’re so used to the rush hour, it all becomes a part of your life, a life which without you’d feel different. I guess more or less everyone misses the easy life, the times when you could have a good nights sleep and still sleep in without a care in the world, the times you could eat what you want, when you wanted and the times when the only thing you ever had to worry about is having enough money in your pocket to buy your favourite bag of sweets and chocolates from the shop! That was the easy life, but now things are serious, the first words to leave our mouths are those of complaint. Why?

We all want a good future, a future full of good health and wealth to then be able to fulfil all our dreams and goals, and to do that you need to struggle, for some, it’s a real life struggle, for others, it’s the rush hour struggle. Sure, I’m just like everyone else, and I’ve done a lot of complaining in the past few weeks, but thinking about everyone else around the world, I’m truly blessed! I have a brilliant job and a warm home to come home to each day. As thousands of people live a life they have no control over, we should be grateful that we actually get to plan out our own life. I’m forever grateful for the life I’ve lived and living, all praise to God!

Sometimes, it may not seem it, but life is exactly how it’s supposed to be…


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