I was right all along…

So, I know I haven’t blogged in about a year, but I came across an article online which made me reflect on something that happened in my teen years.

A friend, or should I say “friend”, had visited Australia for a couple of weeks during summer break, and all of us were really intrigued by what the country is like and how life there differs from life in the United Kingdom. She gave a pretty good review, made me want to go and visit too, apart from the fact it’s on the opposite side of the world and costs about half my life savings to actually get me there and back.

Anyway, me being me mentioned how it’s “pretty cool that they have plastic money in Australia” (more or less in those exact words), at which point a couple of my other “friends” turned to me and started laughing. I was merely stating a fact I had learnt. They didn’t believe me. Even the girl that had been to Australia said there was nothing of the sort that existed on the planet, let alone in Australia. Unfortunately at the time I remained silent, and apologised for making a mistake. Maybe I had heard this wrong, maybe it was something I dreamt about but it wasn’t real, and maybe I should just keep my mouth shut.

But today, I was reading an article that soon the UK will have it’s first plastic money, and a passage from the article reads “…thirty countries worldwide already use polymer notes – including Australia, which phased out paper money in 1996.” 

Did my “friend” do that to me on purpose just to make me feel bad? Or did she not know the difference between paper money and plastic money? Or did she even go to Australia? Okay yes I know, she probably did go to Australia, but why she tried to make me feel like I was wrong is something I don’t think I’ll get my head around.

Needless to say, I was right all along…


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