Born in the North-West of England, UK, in to a Muslim household, living her life with her parents and four siblings seemed pretty simple to start off with. But it has never been as simple as she’d hoped for.

From a young age, Sam has had to overcome quite a few difficulties, she has had to jump over many hurdles to reach where she’s at on this present day. She has never given up on anything, she doesn’t believe in giving up, why give up when there’s so many more opportunities in life?

Being only 21 years of age, Sam believes she’s still got the rest of her life to look forward to, her past may not have been the best, but she is grateful for what she has and for what life has done for her. Thanks to friends, family and belief, Sam is achieving more than what would’ve seemed impossible all those years ago.

I’m proud of the person I am today, and likewise you should be proud of yourself for getting to this stage of life! So why don’t you have a read through the posts on my blog page, and experience the journey of my life.

Welcome to My Blog… by mithasam! The world in words through my eyes

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